Teak Indoor Phone Table 2 Drawer

Teak Indoor Phone Table 2 Drawer is one of the furniture inside for filling interior design at home, hotel, apartment and other that, it is made from high quality teak perhutani at wholesale price for project.


Teak Indoor Phone Table 2 Drawer

Phone Table 2 Drawer we can use for storage needs of goods or as a complement of space, made of high quality teak wood of high quality and good manufacturing process for finishingnya and wholesale prices from us for export shipments to many countries.

Why Buy Teak Garden & Outdoor Furniture From US ?

  1. We are the best reproduction furniture manufacturer of teak garden furniture for outdoor furniture and indoor furniture, example we produce this Teak Indoor Phone Table 2 Drawer.
  2. Our teak garden and indoor furniture is produced from best Solid Java Teak woods, as material from PERHUTANI ” Managed Plantation Government of Indonesia ” and 100% kiln dry before production.
  3. We product outdoor furniture in Highest Class Quality Standard to make teak furniture comfortable and quality.
  4. We only use best quality of hardware and accessories material such as solid brass accessories, screws, fittings and other.
  5. Our teak indoor and outdoor furniture are high quality at very competitive price, get best price for wholesale to resale or retailers.
  6. We do responsible for our commitment with best service for your project, immediately contact us and visit our teak indoor furniture warehouse to do business and trade.

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Dimensions 30 x 60 x 70 cm

MOT 003



Natural Wood

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